Hi!  I’m Elizabeth and I’m a 24 year old Penn State grad, making my way back home to western PA to start grad school at Slippery Rock University to earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  In my free time, I love running, baking, and spending time with my friends and family.

My DPT journey started during my freshman year at Penn State, when I was majoring in engineering.  I entered college under the impression that I wanted to work with prosthetic limbs, so I majored in bioengineering my first year.  Once I was deep into the engineering prerequisites, I realized that my true passion was the kinesiology aspect of human movement, rather than the biomechanical aspect of prostheses.  After my first year, I transferred my major to Kinesiology-Movement Science with the hope of being admitted to a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program after graduation.  In the following two years, I worked my butt off, knowing that my DPT dream was contingent upon my admission to a graduate program.

In the summer before my senior year, I applied to seven DPT programs across the country. Of those, I was admitted to Slippery Rock University nine grueling months later and two days before my 22nd birthday.  Follow my blog here for updates on my experiences as a DPT student from start to finish!