3 Weeks Down, 3 Years to Go

I survived my first big quiz!!! For the past two weeks, everyone in my class has feverishly borrowed bone boxes (for all you non-PT school people, its literally a box filled with plastic bones) and reviewed every landmark on every bone in the human body in preparation for the dreaded bone quiz this past Friday.  And our studying paid of!  Everyone seemed to feel fairly confident in their quizzes and a huge sigh of relief was let out by all.


If only it was as easy as the Bone Dance Miley….

In other notable experiences from the past few weeks, we also have survived two five-hour sessions of cadaver lab!  This is easily my least favorite part of PT school because, well, who actually enjoys it???  As smelly and gross as it is, I truly am learning a lot and can understand why even PT students, who won’t be cutting into patients like an MD would be, need the experience.  Pictures in textbooks are good, but it really does help to see the real thing.  Some words of advice for anyone new to cadaver:

  • Menthol cough drops and a dab vicks vapo-rub underneath your nose will SAVE YOUR LIFE.  Trust me, I didn’t understand the effects of formaldehyde until it was too late and my eyes watered until I looked like a mascara raccoon and my nose and throat burned for the rest of the day
  • Wear something to cover your eyes!  I went to Claire’s and bought a pair of fake glasses because fashion, duh, but others in my class wear chem goggles. You don’t want to know what goes flying in the air during dissection.

We also have had our pathology class since I last blogged.  So far we are going through the basics of cells, which is eerily similar to the content of Bio240W at Penn State.  I find diseases and their causes super intriguing, so I’m excited for the rest of this course!

I started working with a student personal trainer this week!  SRU’s Exercise Science program’s capstone course requires seniors to train a client twice weekly for the duration of the semester.  The program includes initial assessment, exercise prescription, and final assessment.  Between classes, open labs, and study sessions, I have been exhausted and sometimes can’t make myself get up to go to the gym early in the morning.  I decided to sign up for the personal training program as motivation to work out and make gains in my fitness level.  I consider myself to be a very fit person, but I am not motivated enough to push myself truly as hard as I can go; I know that if I have someone pushing me and teaching me good technique with equipment other than cardio machines, I’ll do much better.  I met with my trainer twice this week for the initial assessment and we start training Wednesday-I’m excited to get stronger this semester!

Since we spend practically 24 hours a day, seven days a week together, my class has quickly become a very tight-knit group.  We all went out Friday night to celebrate the end of our first big quiz and had a blast!  I’m lucky to be a part of such an awesome group of intelligent, caring people.

Some of my classmates and I enjoying a night free of studying

The second years have a bake sale coming up this week, so I’ll be making my best cookie recipe for them to sell!  I’ll share the recipe with my next set of updates!


Keep On Dreaming,





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