Lately: My First Days as an SPT

As of this past Friday, I am officially Elizabeth Stanek, SPT and I could not be more excited!

Bear with me as I give you a rundown of the past few whirlwind days:

Thursday: Missy and I moved into our new apartment and tirelessly decorated in the sweltering heat of no AC until we turned our little box into a homey dwelling.  After multiple trips to Walmart, Target, Giant Eagle, and our landlord’s office, we are finally settled into our new place!  Below you can see my finished room:

Friday: We had orientation at 8:00 AM.  From 8:00-12:00 we were broken into small groups of about 15 students to do team-building exercises with a facilitator from the SRU Leadership Development Center.  While I am the first person to admit my hatred for ice-breakers, this really did give me the opportunity to get to know my new classmates.  It also was comforting to know that SRU supports teamwork and wants each and every student in the program to succeed.


My team-buiding group at orientation with Rocky!

After the team-building portion, we were given a lunch ticket to Boozel Dining Hall on campus.  This dining hall is buffet-style and features pretty much every type of food you can imagine.  It even has a whole dessert station of ice cream and pastries! After lunch, we met with representatives from the student health center, counseling services, clinical experiences, and the head of the DPT program.  We also paid for and received our PT clothing for lab days.  I ordered two tee shirts, one dri-fit long sleeve shirt, one quarter-zip fleece, and a pair of basketball shorts.  I spent around $120 on these things and I would say it is a sufficient amount of gear, as we only need to wear it once per week, and can wear any of our own bottoms as long as they are black, grey, or green.  Including the tee shirt we were given for orientation, I have 3 tops and plenty of black and grey bottoms to wear when shorts weather is over.  Friday night, the second year students had us over for a bonfire and to answer any questions we may have had from orientation.

Saturday & Sunday: We worked on finishing our decorating and made sure we had everything we needed for classes this week.  Our lunches were packed, our outfits picked out, and we were ready to start our first day of classes on Monday!  You can see the rest of our finished apartment below:

Missy’s Room


Monday: Bright and early, I got ready in my best business casual attire, and I got my student ID picture taken.  After that, my day began at 9:00 AM with a 3.5 hour Anatomy lecture-with no air conditioning.  Go figure, the AC in the one room we get to sit in for 7 hours breaks on the first day!  Our professors were very nice and knowledgeable, reassuring all of us that we can and will succeed in the program!  After anatomy we got an hour for lunch and finished the day with an hour and a half long neuroscience lecture.  After class, the second year students hosted a picnic for our class to meet with our bigs.

Tuesday: Tuesdays are the one day during the week we don’t have any scheduled classes, which allows us to have the entire day to attend open labs, meetings, study groups, and occasional exams.  It also gives us a much needed break from action-packed Mondays.

Wednesday: We have both our PT Assessments & Procedures lecture and lab, as well as Neuroscience lab on this day.  This means we can wear lab attire instead of the normally required business casual 🙂  PT Assessment & Procedures lecture was really fun; this is where we will learn all of the clinical skills we will use in the field.  For all of you Penn Staters, this class also spends a lot of time discussing policies and guidelines a lot like KINES422 did!  In the afternoon, we had Assessment lab first, where we studied the basics of posture and some body mechanics.  We ended our day in Neuro lab and studied the anatomy of actual human brains!



Reppin’ our DPT gear for lab day!

If you can’t tell, I already am loving my new life as a Student Physical Therapist.  Check back soon for more updates on my first semester!


Keep On Dreaming,



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